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FashionReps August Giveaway

Hello everyone, welcome to the FashionReps monthly giveaway 

Activity time:  22 July-30 August

1 August Giveaway Rules
2  Giveaway Rules
3 Winner announced

1 August Giveaway Rules

Participation Method 1 (For Existing Customers Inviting New Customers):

🌟During the event period, existing customers who invite new customers to register and place successful orders will receive one chance to participate in the lucky draw.(More invitations will have a better chance)

The more friends you invite to place an order, the greater the chance of winning!

🌟 One successful order during the campaign period can also participate in the campaign

Participation Method 2 (For New Customers Making Purchases):

🌟During the campaign period, new customers who successfully place two orders will have the opportunity to participate in the lucky draw once!(Activity time 22 July to 30 August)

2  Giveaway Rules

First Prize:  a free pair of shoes (you can choose any) . 1 winners in total.

Second Prize: a pair of shoes at random . 2 winners in total.

Third Prize: a huge coupon (20% OFF). 5 winners in total.

Lucky Prize: Win a 15 $ coupon that can be used on the next purchase. 10 winners in total.

3 Winner announced

Winners are randomly selected and announced on Discord, YouTube, and Tik Tok_.

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