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Payment Failure And Solutions

Dear Fashionreps customers:

When paying by credit card, the payment usually needs to be reviewed by the bank first. There are a variety of reasons why a payment might fail, such as overdraft, credit card expiration, fraud, use of someone else's credit card, or a do not honor notification.

If you encounter payment issues, you can follow these steps:

1. If payment fails with a Do not honor message, please contact your bank to verify your payment and provide the credit card payment serial number.

2. Try to pay again or use a different credit card. No deduction will occur for unpaid or failed payments.

3. If payment fails due to high risk , try again or switch credit cards.

4. If you still can't pay with a credit card, please contact our customer service via WhatsApp.

Customer service contact details:

WhatsApp:+86 133 2831 9257

Email:  fashionrpes@gmail.com

Finally, thank you for your support to Fashionreps. We are also exploring new secure payment methods to provide you with the best service.

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